Cool Roofs: Largest Commercial Roofers in Central Texas

What happens when you partner with one of the largest commercial roofers in all of Texas? You develop them an action plan and winning system to maximize their clients online. They needed a quick turnaround time, a way to funnel their online traffic and something clean to satisfy their customers online. So we did just that, in a fourteen day period.

December 2017
Cool Roofs Inc.

Company Overview:


Cool Roofs has been named as one of the top roofing and general commercial contractors in the area for many years. Since our doors opened over 10 years ago, we have focused on high quality customer service, competitive pricing, and industry leading installation & warranty standards. This is the reason that our company is recommended above all others for commercial roofing contracts...


                  Cool Roofs came to us at the end of 2017 with two things on their mind. First was to increase their digital presence and revamp their old website into something attractive to the average person. On top of a newly revamped digital presence, their more aggressive, bigger goal was to gain more leads and clients online for commercial and residential roofing than any other roofing company in the state of Texas.


This is no small feat. We needed something that looked clean and delivered value. After a 2 day coaching and strategy sessions we took the next 14 days to build out an online presence with a online advertising strategy. This online presence consisted of a home base where content would be laid out, more information could be gathered, and gave a hometown Texas feeling. The second piece of this puzzle was a lead generator. We built out an automated sales funnel that could came with a clean, one click questionnaire, that acted as a portal to any and all answers we needed to gather.

Click funnel:

Home base:           

·       “Digital Plumbing” audit to establish credibility and build social proof across all relevant online platforms – including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

·       Establish the business’ Value Ladder – an incrementally progressive series of products/services, escalating from no cost 

all (free online questionnaire) all the way to full commercial or residential roofing jobs.

·       Build an automated, end-to-end digital sales funnel to walk cold traffic up the Value Ladder (click by click) by engaging viewers with free content, resulting in their conversion into paying and repeat customers

Meaningful Quote:

                  “We had a few mock ups done by other agencies, a few quotes that were much higher than expected, we thought we were not going to be able to find a deal right for us. That was until we met Matt Greene and his team. They came in and not only offered us the best bang for our buck but delivered two products that were of better quality than any higher priced mockup we were receiving from agencies in Texas. Not only did they get these sites back to us in 14 days but now we are happy to call them partners for life as they generate us new leads and new business online. Thank you Funnel Vizion.” - Todd Bauer


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