Real Estate Mogul: Coaching Course & Full Branding Design

Mr. Brittingham is a 3X Wall Street Journal Realtor of the Year, The Real Estate 30 Under 30, Boomtown ROI Panelist, and an entrepreneur through and through. He wanted to take his passion for the world of real estate and turn it into a coaching program so that others could recreate his success. After a few coaching sessions, Funnel Vizion completed a Full Website Design and Personal Coaching Brand Built out with a workable system that has massively increased traffic to his coaching course.

June 2017
Brandon Brittingham

Amplifying An Expert's Message: Website. Coaching Course, and Full Personal Brand Design

Areas of Focus:

Website Design. Coaching Course Design. Full Personal Brand Design (social media, content curation, strategy)


Company Overview:

                  Brandon Brittingham got his start in entrepreneurship at an early age. After running a successful luxury shoe and clothing company across the Florida Keys he made the decision to head back home to Maryland and start his real estate career. A few years and some great success later, Brandon is now one of the most decorated realtors in the industry. Currently Mr. Brittingham runs the 2nd highest producing real estate team in ALL OF LONG & FOSTER. Last year his team sold more than 450+ houses in 365 days across the DMV. With his real estate expertise, he has been able to build out highly successful auxiliary companies that work hand in hand with his team of motivated realtors. He has created HVAC Companies, Moving Companies, Home remodeling and Improvement just to name a few. As a true master of his craft and a man who came from true humble beginnings his path has led him to launch his coaching career and a partnership

 with Funnel Vizion.



Brandon came to our team with one question in mind

How can I take my passion for real estate and what I have learned over the years and give back to the industry that has given me so much?

 It speaks volumes of his character and his desire to give back. Combining that with a track record that speaks for itself, we were truly grateful to take on a client that wanted to share his vision and his expertise with the world.


A man of his caliber and drive for this vision needed a platform that wasn't so much of a Honda Civic and more so a Lamborghini Aventador. We needed something that was impeccable, fast, star studded, and drew the potential client in immediately. Value, Delivery, Precision, and Custom Design we put together a custom package for Brandon built on: 


o   WEB






Meaningful Quote:

                  “The best part of this whole process of shifting TB Training into the online space was seeing how much the team at Funnel Vizion truly cared about my family and our vision for the business. They’re results-driven, no doubt – but the personal relationship always came first. Quality results from quality care.” - Todd Bauer

Final Result:


the goods

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