3 Tips to Skyrocket Your Personal Efficiency

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We all want to be more efficient, right?


Let’s face it, everyone wishes there were more than just those short 24 hours in 1 day that repeatedly seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, it’s as though we simply just don’t have the time to do everything that we need to throughout the course of a day.


But what if we made the time?


These three simple steps can be immediately implemented to see a measurable boost in your personal efficiency…


…Do. Delegate. Delete.


This key component of the Business Framework established by BlitzMetrics details a well-rounded approach to Personal Efficiency which, when mastered, allows you to be more proactive instead of reactive…


…It allows you to be more powerful.


For a more in-depth look at the entire 9 Triangles of the Business Framework, learn more here.


Creating breathing room for exploring new ideas.


Anyone and everyone can expand their action taking ability, leadership skills, and overall peace of mind using this information.


Taking a deeper look at the 3 components of the Personal Efficiency Triangle provides us with actionable steps that anyone can take to improve their overall productivity.


-        Do it now or don't do it at all. More time tomorrow is an illusion, as opportunities and corresponding tasks increase.

-        Delegate where you have resources that can reliably execute, whether virtual assistants or analyst. But still be responsible.

-        Delete is your most common option to keep "inbox zero". So don't skim; read thoroughly enough once that you can recall or search later.



BlitzMetrics’ Chief Technology Officer, Dennis Yu, has mentored a multitude of digital marketers, consistently using such techniques as a way of expediting students’ professional and personal growth.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowledge is crucial, but it takes a powerful vision to truly drive innovation.


What does the most efficient version of you look like?


It’s an interesting question to play around with, and one that I had to dig deep to find my answer to.


Identifying and solidifying your “best self” is something that takes a curious balance of patience, effort, and vision.


From personal experience, it was my patience that lead to the development of my vision, which has always been (and continues to be) supported by my effort…


…After years spent working as a personal trainer, I began to feel my potential as a professional was being throttled. I wanted to help as many people as possible, but one-on-one training sessions simply wasn’t helping me reach that larger audience that I wanted to share my skill set and message with.


I patiently studied the marketplace, searching for gaps, missing links, and unseen opportunities.


One day, it finally hit me that online automation was the key to truly scaling any business, passion project, or personal practice. Learning how to digitally market your product/brand/opportunity (in a day and age where practically everyone’s attention is fixed on a screen) could very likely be your business’ “sink or swim” differentiator.


Thankfully, I was introduced to the opportunity of becoming a digital marketing specialist through BlitzMetrics. I studied, learned, and applied a wide range of information, including these 3 components of Personal Efficiency, in order to optimize my social influence and, thus, my ability to help people on a larger scale.


Do it now.


You must take massive action in order to take the necessary strides to meet your big goals and aspirations.


Not a little bit of action, not a lot of talking, but MASSIVE ACTION. It is the only way to ensure


Remember, “more time tomorrow is an illusion” and the compound effect of unresolved tasks and obligations should never be taken lightly.


Delegate, but still be responsible.


Anytime you have resources available to you who are trustworthy and you know will get the job done correctly, use them.


A wide variety of ways to outsource tasks are available to us. These could include virtual assistants, analysts, affiliates, and much more.


People are an infrastructure, and businesses are fueled by the relationships of those who comprise them.

We need to make sure our infrastructures are strong, trustworthy, and durable. This will ensure a higher rate of production and allow everyone to utilize their strengths for the greater good.


Don’t skim, read thoroughly.


A blank slate is the best way to invite in new, innovative ideas. 


Therefore, managing your inbox and task list is absolutely crucial to staying in rhythm.


Clutter prevents creativity, which is why thoroughly sifting through your inbox will allow you to identify, absorb, and recall important information, as well as provide you with creative mental space and peace of mind.


Do fewer things, but do them well.


Stepping into your power as an action-taker. Assuming the responsibilities of a leader. Getting granular and tactical with your approach…


…All qualities of someone who is on the fast track to success. The more we can get into alignment with these three components of the Personal Efficiency Triangle, the more powerful we become.


Identification is the start of escalation: the sooner we can identify our deficiencies in ourselves and in our businesses, the more proactive steps we can take to adjust and improve.


This is the basis of growth and life as a whole. We learn, we grow, we keep moving forward.

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